Brandi Willis Schreiber

Sensual, Southern Romance


This is my beautiful old teapot, which I have recently resurrected, and the wisdom on my teabag.

I learned a new word today:  tsiology.  Tsiology - n.  a treastise on tea.  This word comes from an early 19th century pamphlet on the state of the British tea trade.  It was published by a British tea dealer, and remained in four printings, but eventually, the subject - and the word - lost its place in the lexicon of the day.

It's a beautiful reminder on writing about what's important.

How many treatises have you written?  What subject in your life deserves its own pamphlet?  These are questions I have asked myself recently.  Sadly, I haven't written nearly enough, and I certainly haven't written anything that I feel deserves to be circulated.  This must change.

Today, I am wishing you the inspiration to write your own courageous pamphlet.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, find a place to rest, and write your treatise.  Let the wisdom of tea - and your own heart - be your guide.